Nakashima Family Band 20th Anniversary album with great guest musicians!
Yohei(Misa's husband) took part in the album instead of our mom.
  1. M4
  2. Can't you hear me calling((♪))
  3. Indiana avenue ((♪))
  4. Those memories of you
  5. Free wheeling
  6. In fusion ((♪))
  7. I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart ((♪))
  8. Sound of home/Message
  9. In the heart
  10. Jambalaya
  11. Dream ((♪))
  12. Worlds on fire/ When the saints go marching
  David Grier (guitar)
  Byron House (bass)
  Sam Bush (mandolin)
  Stuart Duncan (fiddle)
  Pam Gadd(vocal)
  Alison Brown (banjo)
  Missy Raines (bass)
  David Heyer(drums/percussion)
  Erick Jaskowiak (percussion)
NFB-003 $15
While Mika, Yumi, and Emi were study in the language study school in Nashville, Tennessee in 1996, we recorded our 2nd alubum, "002 Nakashima Sisters" with professional bluegrass musicians in Tennessee. 1,5,6,11 are Mika's original tunes. 8 is Yumi's original tune, and 10 is Emi's original tune.
  1. Across The Pacific ((♪))
  2. June Apple
  3. Little Cabin Home On The Hill
  4. Weeping Willow Tree ((♪))
  5. Separate Times
  6. Drunkard's Dream ((♪))
  7. Trail Of Tears
  8. From My Diary
  9. Sunny Side OF My Life
  10. Night Breeze ((♪))
  11. Time Flies
  12. Amazing Grace
  David Grier (guitar)
  Jean Ribera (bass)
  Jerry Douglas (dobro)
  Roland White (mandolin)
  Mararet Bailey(vocal)
  Alison Brown (banjo)
NFB-002 $15
"001 Nakashima Family Band" is recorded in Shimonoseki-city (1-6) , and in Nashville, Tennessee(7-12) in 1994. "New Tsugaru Jyongara-Bushi" is a Japanese Traditional "Shamisen" tune. "Haruno Umi" is the famous "Koto" tune which we listen to at the New Year.
  1. Nine Pound Hammer
  2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky ((♪))
  3. Haru no Umi
  4. Sittin' On Top Of The World
  5. Simple Pleasues ((♪))
  6. Tsugaru Jyongara Bushi ((♪))
  7. Mule Skinner Blues ((♪))
  8. I Believe In Music
  9. Turkey In The Straw
  10. Ground Speed
  11. Tenohira O Taiyouni ((♪))
  12. Rocky Top
Tammy Fassert (bass)
NFB-001 $15

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