I want to play bluegrass music with my children.

If you're a bluegrass player, you may wonder gcif I could play bluegrass music with my child...h Many friends of mine had tried lots of ways to give their child an interest in bluegrass music. For example, the parents turned on gFoggy Mountain Breakdownh whenever the kids were around to get them used to listening to it.Daughters

As a matter of fact, most of the children still didn't show any interest in the music. One of the reasons is that none of their friends either knows or can play the music. Another reason is that the wives don't like the music. Bluegrass is like gnoiseh to them. This is all because of our cultural differences.


Getting them interested.

I bought not only bluegrass music records, but also records of children's songs for my children. My wife and I sang children's songs with bluegrass instruments. Although we played our favorite Carter family record during supper, the children showed no reaction. However, when we played Christmas songs, such as gSilent Nighth or gSanta Claus is Coming to Townh, they listened. Later on, my children asked my wife how she sang.

This is how they came to show an interest in music. My band gHillbilliesh, my wife, my two friends, and I had stopped playing old-time music years before.

Michiko & Moritoshi

However, we started practicing for the upcoming festival in my city, Fukuoka in 1986. My Children were listening to our performance. We played gSaints Go Marchin' In,h gHome Sweet Home,h and gWhen the World's on Fire,h etc.

Gradually, we heard my children singing the songs, such as gSaints Go Marchin' Inh from their room.