Keep Pickin'

When you teach something to your child or let your child learn something, I think it is very important to set a ‘goal’ each time. For the first try, set the goal at an easy level. Then gradually, increase the task. Actually, I'm not suggesting you decide the matter on your own. We always need to listen to what they think.


Takarazuka Bluegrass Festival

The Takarazuka Bluegrass Festival is held every August, the first Friday through Sunday. It is the biggest bluegrass festival in Japan. Approximately 100 bluegrass bands come to the festival from all over the country.

The age group of the players ranges from teen-ager to fifty years of age, with most people being in their 40's. During the festival week, no matter how hot the weather is, or no matter how late it is, you can listen to jam sessions everywhere. Players between the ages of 40 and 50 become “teen-agers” during the period.


In August of 1988, our show started after 9:00 p.m. in thefestival, and usually our children were already in bed at this time. Since our debut in the Dazaifu Festival in Fukuoka a year before, our song list had increased. The kids were able to play songs such as “Rawhide” or “Orange Blossom Special”.

It seemed that the kids had a good time performing for a large audience at the Takarazuka Festival.