Second trip to America.

This photo is taken by Mr. Nakagawa. He took some good shots for us.

IBMA Award show
This is a photo on the stage of IBMA Award show. We're invited as a guest by IBMA. This was our dream.

IBMA Award Finale

 IBMA Award Finale

We joined the finale with the professional bluegrass musicians who got awards in the evening.

On the left is Tom Adams, Alan Obriant, John Hartford, Emi, Pat Enright, Louri Louis.

Bill Monroe's House

 Bill Monroe's House

He remembered meeting us in1989 in Kumamoto, Japan. My daughters had a great opportunity to look around his house. This is a picture taken two years before he died.

 "Bell Couve"
 Live Spot "Bell Couve"
Bill Monroe called us on stage to play with him and bluegrass boys.