At our home
 "Cheer's!" We invited Alison, Garry, and Cara for dinner. We had sushi & sake that night. 

 Souvenirs from Alison Brown

The gift from Alison was a large photo.

She asked, "What photo do you think this is?" We had no clue what it was. The photo was taken by an astronauts from space shuttle. The astronauts was Alison's old friend from Harvard. This is a shot of Mt. Fuji.

 A hot spring hotel "Fukuryu Sou"

Mika brought Alison, Garry, and Cara to a hot spring hotel "Fukuryu Sou" to stay one night. It is run by one our relatives.

They hesitated for the Japanese traditional breakfast. It included seaweed, raw egg, or dried sardines.

Yakitori Restaurant "Kurofune"
Alison and Garry were here in Japan for business meetings. We asked help for Mr. Muranaka and had a live in "Kurofune" in Fukuoka.

 "Daiei" Professional Baseball Team's Private Chistmas Party
We performed twice at Fukuoka Daiei Hawks' private Christmas party. Two years later, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks won their first Japanese Baseball Championship Series. Since then, we haven't invited their private party...