Mika - 7th Grade, Yumi - 6th Grade, Emi - 6th Grade, Misa - 4th Grade.

Rotary Club
Fukuoka East Rotary Club Social Gathering
It was a request from the public relations office of the Kitakyushu Coca Cola (present Coca Cola West Japan).

Fukuoka American Center
"American Southern White Music" forum
Place:Fukuoka American Center
It was a forum of Professor Mitsui (on the left with eMountain Dulcimerf) from Kanazawa University English literature department. Mr.Hashimoto (to the right) is his colleague.

Iwate Koiwai Farm
Michinoku bluegrass festival
Place:Iwate Koiwai Farm
The 18-wheeler track was used for a stage. We have a mild weather in Fukuoka in this time of year, but It was freezing outside in Iwate prefecture.

Takarazuka bluegrass fest
Takarazuka bluegrass festival
We practiced over and over in order to play well to the large audience at the festival.

Mr. & Mrs Jones
Mr. David Jones & Mrs. Jones
Mr. Hashimoto and I went to see Dr. David Jones, a professor of anthropology from Central Florida University. He came here as a fulbright visiting professor at Kyushu University and Seinan Gakuin University. He closely looked at Misa's guitar and said, "You know what? I wanted to have this guitar!"