May: "Del McCoury Band" live in Fukuoka.
September: Our first trip to America.

Butch Robins
Butch Robins in Kumamoto
Even though Mika didn't understand English, they had no problem communicated by banjo.

Del McCoury Band
Del McCoury Band Jam session.
The second party took place in the famous Jazz bar, "New Combo" in Fukuoka. It was "Mother's day", so the band member called their own mother from here.

"Chuck Wagon"
"Chuck Wagon" live house in Fukuoka
We had gigs in this country & bluegrass bar in our town, Nakasu. Whenever we play there, there is this gentleman sit right beside Mika and starts 'playing' together. His 'instruments' are usually a whisky glass, chair, or tambalin.

John Laswell
John Laswell spent his time for helping us while we're staying in Owensboro, Kentucky. He's the chairman of workshop for IBMA festival.