We had been practicing very hard to perform at the Dazaifu festival again. It was different from last year; we were going to play instruments this time. We all were so excited. I was especially excited and enjoyed listening to their practicing every night.

I made several cassette tapes and recorded songs which they could possibly play in the future. Our schedule was: practice 30 minutes after school, and practice as a band 1 hour before going to sleep. In order to play five songs at least on the stage, we set the schedule.


Nakashima Family Band Debut

Finally, the day came. The 4th Dazaifu Bluegrass Festival was held in August, 1987. My daughters had 20 minutes to play on the stage and this time they would play by themselves. Unfortunately, we'd had rain all day due to the typhoon. Many bands came for this day from all over the country.

Despite the weather, they played almost perfectly on stage as they had in everyday practice. It was incredibly exciting! No matter how young they are, practice will make them players.

Dazaifu bluegrass fest.