Mika - 6th Grade, Yumi - 5th Grade, Emi - 5th Grade, Misa - 3rd Grade.

Dazaifu Bluegrass Fes.
Dazaifu Bluegrass Festival
Place:The Dazaifu Tenman-gu
It was our first performance on stage. It was raining, but as soon as we started playing, it ceased!

Seaside Momochi
The concert of "YumeMatsubara"
Place:Seaside Momochi, Fukuoka.
It is located on the west side of the present Fukuoka tower. We came across to see Mr. Hank Sasaki there.

X' mas Party
Mitsubishi Shouji "Chiristmas party".
Place:Fukuoka Zen Nikku Hotel
We played at a Christmas party of the company in which Mr. Hashimoto works.