September 9 - Bill Monroe past away.

 8th Overton Bluegrass Festival

We came to Texas for recording of Andy Owens project. While we stayed in Texas, we had a great opportunity to play with local musicians on the stage.

The bass player on the left was very funny person. The man on the right plays guitar. We had a good time playing bluegrass on the stage.

 2nd alubum "Separate Times" recording

We recorded all the songs at "Juke Box". The producer was Bil Vorndick.

This is a scene of warming up before the recording with Roland White.

 2nd alubum "Separate Times" recording
Alison and Mika sometimes play like this for fun.

 SPBGMA 22nd Bluegrass Music Award 
Mika, Yumi, and Emi played with young American bluegrass players on the stage of SPBGMA which held in Nashville in February.

 Takarazuka bluegrass festival
We gathered youth players at the work shop stage. We named the band, "Yokayoka" band. The purpose was to give opportunity for little kids to listen bluegrass music.

 100 exibitions" of the Japanese advertisement photographer association
We were chose to be one of the horners of Kyushu island. There are 100 of horners of Kyushu; such as, mayers, athlets, actors, singers. (photo by Suguru Yamada at Futaba studio)