Mika:9th Grade、Yumi & Emi:8th Grade, Misa:6th Grade.
November: "Virginia Squares" Live in Fukuoka.

Daizuke Samejima
Takarazuka Bluegrass Festival
Daizuke is one year younger than Misa. He is a vocalist in his own band, "Daizuke Samejima Band" and his father plays guitar. My daughters played "Teardrops in my eyes" and "Will you be loving another man" with him on the stage.

El Patio pasture
Aso bluegrass festival
The nights of El Patio pasture in Mt. Aso (an altitude of 1592m) is cold although it is in the mid-summer. The 'hot' sake is popular under such a weather.

 "Good Time Charley"
Place:"Good Time Charley" in Kumamoto
The Party took place in "Good Time Charley" country bar which Charley Nagatani owns. He is known as a president of "Country Gold" festival every fall in Kumamoto.