Mika:10th Grade、Yumi & Emi:9th Grade, Misa:7th Grade.
August: "Ten-Gallon" Closed.
November:Laurie Lewis & Ground Street Live in Fukuoka.

Redwood Canyon Ramblers
"Redwood Canyon Ramblers"
At our house
We had a dinner at our home the night before their concert in Fukuoka. Band members were watching at Mr. Hashimoto's 'two- finger' style picking on banjo.

American Party

(Michael Alen on banjo & Mr. Tsutsumi on Harmonica on the right)

"American Party"
At Mr. Tsubouchi's house in Fukuoka
We went to "American Party" at Mr. Tsubouchi's home. He is a brother-in-law of Mr. Hashimoto. There were many Americans and people from other countries joined the party. Mr. Tsubouchi is the person who introduced us our English teacher, Jodene.

Previous night
"Country Gold" Previous night festival
We had heard that Alison Krauss, Alison Brown, and Sam Bush would come to the session, but unfortunately they didn't come. We all waited in the cold weather for hours!

"Imuzu"in Fukuoka.
The event took place in one of the biggest shopping malls, "Imuzu" in Fukuoka. This is the photo of Mika in the huge screen inside the mall.