Mika: 11th grade, Yumi & Emi: 10th grade, Misa: 8th grade.
May: Boston Acoustic Band tour in Fukuoka.

Gift for Jodene
We took lessons in English from her only a half year. My daughtors made "Yukata" (Summer dress) for her.

Matt Glaser
Matt Glaser, a professor in Berklee college of music, was hospitalized during the tour in Japan. Despite his sickness, Yumi had given a fiddle lesson from him in the hospital.

Place:Hara Sanshin Hospital in Fukuoka

Note:He became sick after the show in Fukuoka. He was sent to hospital and we all worried about him. We went to see him and sang 'Happy birthday'. It was his birthday. Michael Alen, the National banjo champion in 1986, was in Fukuoka and he came there as an interpreter

American Music Fest.
American Music Festival
Place:Sasebo City, Nagasaki
Note:The stage for the show was set up in the park near Sasebo American military base. Charley Nagatani was the main singer for the event. Other bluegrass bands also joined the event from main island of Japan.

Irish band
Aso bluegrass festival
Michael Alen's Irish band. Mike is a 1986 Winfield banjo champion. He loves Irish music.